Empower your Analysts with Self-Service Data Management

Powered by Data Warehouse Automation

Unify all your data on a single, powerful platform

Anvizent’s self-service data management solution empowers analysts to connect, process, and transform data independently, without the need for assistance from data engineers. The guided analyst interface also enables analysts to configure business rules, formulas, and changes on their own.

Our innovation transforms data agility from a traditional “People + Process” approach to a self-service mechanism.

Our Customers

Data complexity holding you back?

Inaccurate Data

Unable to drill down into details

Do you have your data in multiple applications?

Data not helping to make decisions

Time spent on fixing tools/SQL

Every change takes 2 weeks

“OH! that KPI” is not possible!

Inconsistent approach from Data to insights

Ready to take Control of your Data? Let us Show you the Guaranteed way! Here are the three steps!

With Anvizent’s Self-Service Analyst interface, you can efficiently complete these three steps in a consistent and predictable manner.

Robust Data Foundation

Centralize and automate data from all your systems and gain a rapid single source of truth. 

Data Maturity

Setup auto email reports and alerts of complex leading and lagging indicators across the enterprise on the source of truth.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Enable predictable and accurate self-service Data access to drive decision-making across the enterprise. 

Guided Interface

Anvizent’s self-service guided interface allows analysts from any department to easily connect to and access enterprise data. Using the guided interface, analysts can point and click to choose which data to extract and integrate from various applications. Analysts can even reconfigure new integrations and metrics on the fly. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for analysts to get the data they need to make informed decisions. This is only possible with DATA ENGINEERING ABSTRACTION.

Data Engineering Abstraction

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to guided automation with Anvizent. Once you configure the settings through our analyst interface, we automate the entire data engineering design and development process, ensuring consistent and error-free output. With data engineering abstraction, you can even dynamically build your enterprise data warehouse as you configure each use case, without needing to worry about data validation. Streamline your data engineering work with Anvizent. Data Engineering abstraction makes dynamically building Enterprise Data Warehouse possible as you configure each uses case.

Data Warehouse Powered Insights

Anvizent makes it easy to get powerful insights from your data warehouse. We dynamically build and maintain your data warehouse on your preferred platform, automatically acquiring and integrating data from multiple sources. This allows you to easily use your enterprise data warehouse to provide self-service, connected data across your organization. With Anvizent, you can effortlessly put all of your data to work to drive better decision-making.

Unlock the full potential of your business with Anvizent's Data-Driven decision making

Anvizent’s self-service data management solution, powered by data warehouse automation, offers your organization increased flexibility, better collaboration, superior control over your data, and the capability to make data-driven decisions throughout your enterprise. 

With Anvizent, you will experience a seamless transition from an Engineer's tool to an 'Analyst's Self-Service' guided interface.

Current Market tools From engineer’s tool

Anvizent To Analyst’s Interface

From Engineer’s tool

To Analyst’s self-service Interface

Customer Testimonial

“A lot of companies we invest in don’t have the baseline data infrastructure to build a business intelligence dashboard. Anvizent is a real boon because it lets us bring in Power BI or a BI suite within days where normally it takes months to find a PowerBI guy, figure out data sets, get the database set up, etc.”

“It was sort of shocking for some of the people who were asking for it – “what do you mean we got it set up in 10 days???”

“Because Anvizent know the data really well, they make really good guesses about how things relate to each other. And data isn’t particularly clean, so they’ll say “is this right?” and often it reveals an issue we hadn’t noticed.”

“One benefit of setting up Anvizent is that it’s a diagnostic process. Because you can easily look at all the data and what is being collected & tracked – so as soon as you try to understand a problem, with Anvizent you quickly figure out “oh you don’t have a metric to identify this”

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Production and maintenance

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