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Automated Data Analytics for your ERP

The fastest, simplest, and most cost-effective solution to unlock the power of your ERP Data along with other enterprise data. Integrate all your data into one platform and automatically turn it into personalized reports, interactive dashboards and predictive intelligence


Zero Programming


Fastest Deployment


50+ ERP Integrations


100+ Pre Built Dashboards


TEST DRIVE on your own Data

One Solution for Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Leverage your ERP and other enterprise data to  improve operational efficiencies and drive business growth. Anvizent comes with everything you need to run your business with intelligence – from pre-built ERP integration, automated data preparation and a built-in automated data warehouse to self-service dashboards, reports and AI-powered advanced analytics. 

And the best part is it’s fully automated, which makes it possible for everyone to have quick and easy access to a single version of the truth – and insights that are meaningful and actionable.

Automated Data Warehouse

Say goodbye to tedious, time consuming and error-prone manual data management. Anvizent’s patent pending built-in automated data warehouse automatically takes care of data preparation, data integration, data transformation,data mart creation, and more

Self Service BI and Reporting

Dashboards, Data Analysis and reporting at your fingertips. See what is happening within your business - as it happens without the need to go back and forth with IT. Hit the ground running with 100+ pre-built dashboards

Advanced Analytics

Go beyond metrics and reporting. Get precise, granular and actionable insights to address challenges and unlock opportunities - using the combined power of data analytics and AI

Real-Time Operations Management with 100+ Pre-Built Dashboards - For Every Role and department

Save the time and cost of building dashboards from scratch. Take advantage of our out-of-the-box, pre-built dashboards to get instant access to the business insights you need. 100% customizable, dashboards can be quickly configured to your own context. From the board room to the shop floor, every member of your organization can now get quick answers - when and where they need it.

AI-Powered Ready-to-Use Solutions for Every Business Challenge

What aspect of the business do you want to improve? Do you want to accelerate  sales ? Reduce  supply chain risk and costs? Or perhaps improve cash flow. No matter what your business goal or challenge, we have ready to use solutions  that  get you  there – easily and inexpensively

Customer Intelligence

Understand buying behavior and track changes in purchase patterns to increase customer revenue and loyalty

Sales Enablement

Meet and exceed revenue goals with accurate forecast and actionable customer/market insights that drive the right action

Demand Planning

Achieve operational efficiency gains and cost savings by accurately predicting future demand

Guided Product Sales

Understand the what, why, when and how of customer's purchasing decisions to drive product sales

Supplier Performance Management

Get powerful insights into supplier performance and take the right actions to minimize risk and realize savings

Price Optimization

Understand your customer's price sensitivity to make effective pricing decisions that boost sales and margins

On-Time Delivery

Improve delivery performance by tracking order status, identifying potential bottlenecks and making timely course corrections

Cash Flow

Predict, plan, and manage cash flow and finances with unprecedented ease and accuracy

Consolidated Financial Statement

Stay in control with at-a-glance view of the overall financial health of the business

Smart Analytics Capabilities to Empower Everyone

Built-In Automated Data Warehouse

Integrate all your data into one platform to unlock maximum value

Pre-Built Data Marts

Analytics-ready data for all departments - from sales and inventory to manufacturing and finance

Advanced Analytics

Precise and actionable intelligence to address challenges and unlock new opportunities

Dashboards in just 3 Clicks

Get fast and easy answers to spur-of-the-moment business questions - without burdening IT

Real-Time Analytics

Track business performance as it happens and make changes on-the-fly

Custom KPIs

Combine data from any source and easily create custom metric to stay focused on what matters to you

Multi-ERP Analytics

Achieve consolidated reporting and analytics from all your systems in a quick, easy, and economical way

Multi Currency Analytics

See reports and dashboards in several currencies, switching between currencies with a simple click of a mouse


Combine common dimensions across data sources for analytics purposes without the need for complex data management projects

Automated Report Scheduling

Schedule reports to be delivered to your inbox and even sent to vendors, clients, and partners

Alerts and Thresholds

Set threshold levels for your key metrics and receive instant alerts when performance is off

TV Dashboards

Keep your entire team on the same page by displaying all your key metrics on a large screen

50+ ERP Integrations. NOT Just Data Connectors

When we say integrations, we are not just talking about data connectors/establishing surface connections to data. It’s a full cycle that includes data mappings, business logic along with automated ETL and data warehouse processes. As a result, you have access to your consolidated data right out-of-the-box and can instantly start analyzing performance using powerful, interactive dashboards.

No other solution offers the whole Nine yards like this. It’s Plug and Play in the true sense of the word.

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Flexible Deployment Options

Choose a deployment option that’s best suited for your business’ needs. Robust security and data governance features ensure that your data is safe, secure, and always in your control


Achieve agility, flexibility, and scalability without the high cost of infrastructure and ongoing maintenance


Leverage your existing investments to enjoy greater customization and control over your data

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