Anvizent for Warehouse

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Do you know your utilization levels across your various warehouses?

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Do you have visibility into your fill rates?

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Want to know how you can increase your warehouse efficiency and productivity?

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Maximize Warehouse Utilization

Get the most out of your warehouse storage capacity with real-time location-level visibility. Quickly understand utilization levels across your various warehouses. Drill down for a detailed understanding of the products in stock at each of the warehouses. Identify inefficiencies and take timely action to optimize capacity.


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Improve Fill Rates

Improve order fulfillment performance with unprecedented visibility into your fill rates. Get at-a-glance view of order quantities for multiple products and stock levels at various distribution centers. Drill down individual sales orders and understand how to efficiently fulfill orders across your distribution centers.


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Increase Material Handling Efficiency

Increase warehouse productivity by continuously tracking picks and put-aways. Monitor picks and put-away rates across multiple warehouses right down to product, customer, and sales order level. Analyze picking quantities and accuracy levels for individual employees. Pinpoint the types of picking mistakes and take steps to prevent future errors.


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