Anvizent Use Cases

Speed. Agility. Flexibility and Scale – Across Every Use Case

Meet your data goals at 10x speed and scale with Anvizent Self-Service Data Management  Powered by Data Warehouse Automation.

Analyst Self-Service

Analyst Self-Service

Achieve 10x reporting speed and scale by shifting from the traditional “People + Process” method to a self-service approach.

Data Products

Building a data warehouse and data marts doesn’t get any faster and easier than this. Simply pick and choose the data you want in your data warehouse and let our innovation guide you to dynamically build the data model and optimized data warehouse.

Data Products

Utilize your industry expertise and knowledge to develop data products and generate revenue. Build your own IP.

Data Warehouse Development

Point and click your way to build a highly configurable Enterprise Standard Data Warehouse. Get you data warehouse up and running in as little as 2 to 3 weeks.

Data as a Service

Receive integrated, accurate, and consistent data from multiple applications delivered through email, dashboards, reports, or directly integrated into your preferred systems for automation of data-supported decision-making. 

Data for AI

Take Data Integration and Date Readiness challenges off your plate and focus on your core strengths.

Agency Data Services

Unlock the full potential of your customer’s marketing, operational, and financial data.

Customer Onboarding

Import any format and size of customer data in hours – be it from ERP systems, CRM systems, or any other complex system.

Legacy Data Management

Retire legacy systems and realize huge savings on licensing and maintenance costs.

Cloud Migration

Migrate data from on-prem systems to cloud systems like Redshift, Azure, Snowflake, and Databricks in a matter of clicks.

Data for Customers and Suppliers

Automate the personalization and distribution of trusted data to customers and suppliers.

Master Data Management

Ensure trusted data across the enterprise without the complexity, cost, and risk.

Data Warehouse Maintenance

Stay in control of your Data Warehouse, avoiding the maintenance and change management hassles/development cycles that come with coded development.