Anvizent for Procurement

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Do you know which items represent your biggest purchase?

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Do you know which suppliers are putting your production plans at risk?

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Want to know where you can save costs and improve efficiency?

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Increase Procurement Efficiency

Improve procurement performance with end-to-end insights into your procurement process. Leverage data generated across all your systems to quickly understand what you spend, on which products, or with which suppliers. Analyze trends across products and business units, compare prices across your supplier base and make better sourcing and supplier decisions.


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Improve Supplier Management

Gain instant visibility into your supplier performance to minimize supplier cost and risk. Dashboards provide a 360-degree view of each of your suppliers’ performance and let you drill down into performance by key metrics such as lead time, quality, and cost. You will also receive alerts when delivery commitments are not being met, helping you make proactive decisions to address non-performance.


manufacturing csuite analytics

Unlock Hidden Savings

Uncover savings opportunities with one view of your spend data from across disparate systems. Analyze detailed, transaction-level data to understand direct and indirect spends across products, business units, and suppliers. Spot maverick spends and identifying cost savings you never knew existed. Make better sourcing and supplier decisions.


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