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Do you know if you production is on track to meet open orders?

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Do you know your scrap rates across plants, lines and machines?

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Want to know if you are making maximum use of your machinery and resources?

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Keep Production up to Speed

Get accurate, up-to-the-minute view of shop floor operations and stay on target for deliverables. Monitor production schedules, production levels, work order status, and other key variables across multiple plants, shop floors, and operations. Drill down to understand production status for individual products and customers, pinpointing potential delays before they impact delivery.


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Stay on Top of Quality Issues

Identify and resolve quality problems before they become huge and expensive. Review scrap rates across plants, shop floors, machines, operations. Perform a granular analysis of defect rates for product categories, product lines and individual products right down to the operator level. Set thresholds and receive early warning to quality issues.


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Improve Production Efficiency

Maximize your production efficiency by closely monitoring your material, labor, and equipment utilization levels. Analyze every detail from machine-yield to individual worker output. Keep track of planned and unplanned downtime to find and address root causes. Granular look at data