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The Purpose Built Manufacturing Analytics Solution

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A Fully Integrated End-to-End Data Management and Analytics Solution

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Analytics

Transform the way you manage your manufacturing business. Visually explore your ERP and other enterprise data in real-time. Keep track of every aspect of your operation - from sales and inventory to manufacturing and logistics. No programming, no manual data preparation, no waiting on reports and dashboards.

Visualize Every Byte of Your ERP Data in Real-Time

Anvizent is the fastest, simplest and easiest way to enable analytics. Access all your data in one place and track performance in real-time – anywhere, anytime, on any device.No customization required, no programming, zero maintenance. It is intelligence automated.

Capture the Missing ROI on your ERP Investments

Go beyond the limitations of native reporting and general-purpose BI tools. Access and analyze data in real-time without time-consuming manual efforts. Integrate ERP data with CRM, MES and other data to gain comprehensive insights into the business.

manufacturing system integration platform
manufacturing bi platform

Pre-Built ERP Integrations

Plug and Play

Anvizent is the fastest and easiest way to enable analytics for your manufacturing business. It comes pre-integrated with 50+ ERP systems, enabling you to get started right away. Unlike APIs and connectors which only provide surface connections to data, our deep integrations include pre-built mappings and business logic along with automated ETL and data warehousing processes.

  • Pre-built mappings and business logic for all ERP modules including Sales, Inventory, Procurement and Manufacturing
  • Automated extraction, cleansing, and data preparation
  • Fast reporting and analysis on consistent and accurate data
manufacturing bi platform

Built-In Automated Data Warehouse

Unified View of Business Information

Imagine if you had on-demand access to a single source of consistent, accurate, and integrated data. Anvizent Manufacturing makes this possible through a patent pending built-in automated data warehouse that integrates ERP and non-ERP data into a single unified view. Analyze your ERP data in combination with your other manufacturing data to gain unprecedented insights into the business.

  • Consolidate data from disparate systems without complex, time-consuming, manual data warehousing efforts
  • Get a unified view of your entire business
  • Analyze data from across multiple business units, geographies, currencies, etc. either independently or together
  • Analyze current and historical data to uncover future trends and patterns
manufacturing bi platform

True Self-Service Visualization

Insights On Demand

Realize faster value from your data using interactive, self-service dashboards. Build dashboards in just 3 clicks and get immediate answers to your day-to-day business questions. No coding, no data preparation. No dependency on IT. Just instant insights when and where you need them.

  • Build dashboards in 3 clicks
  • Quickly drill down from summary to transaction level details
  • Uncover hidden trends, patterns issues and root causes
manufacturing bi platform

100+ Pre-Built Manufacturing Industry/ERP Specific Dashboards and KPIs

At-a-Glance Visibility into Business Performance

Keep your operations on track. Get a comprehensive, 360-degree view of operations with all your data and KPIs at your fingertips. Track progress, spot trends, isolate issues, and drive continuous improvements anytime, anywhere.

  • Get instant visibility across various departments with all your key metrics in one place
  • Track and analyze progress against goals and objectives
  • Perform detailed, cross-functional analysis to uncover trends, patterns, and dependencies
  • Carry out what-if analysis to understand the potential impact of business variables
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Alerts and Thresholds

Proactive Alerts based on Real-time Data

Don’t get caught off-guard by the unexpected. Proactively manage your business with real-time alerts. React instantly to events and changes in the businesses no matter where you are. Stay ahead of risks and never miss an opportunity

  • Receive critical business information in real-time
  • Continuously monitor what’s important to the business
  • Minimize disruptions through proactive problem resolution
  • React faster to critical issues by notifying the right people
manufacturing bi platform


Real-Time Collaborative Decision Making

Experience the power of real-time collaboration. Connect with colleagues through a built-in messenger on each dashboard. Initiate discussions, analyze data together, exchange ideas and collectively decide on the best course of action.

  • Accelerate the delivery of information to empower quick action
  • Communicate with context across designations and departments
  • Extend collaboration to customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Eliminate logistical hurdles while reducing the number of meetings and phone calls

Fastest Deployment – Lowest TCO - Instant ROI

Get up and running right away at a 65 percent lower cost of ownership than other solutions in the market. Choose a deployment option that best fits your business needs and realize value in days and weeks vs. months and years.


Achieve agility, flexibility, and scalability without the high cost of infrastructure and ongoing maintenance.


Leverage your existing investments to enjoy greater customization and control over your data.

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