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Anvizent is the fastest, simplest and easiest way to enable analytics. Access all your data in one place and track performance in real-time – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

No customization required, no programming, zero maintenance. It is intelligence automated.

Capture the Missing ROI on your ERP Investments

Are you missing out on valuable insights because your data is stored across multiple systems?

If you are not analyzing your ERP data in combination with your CRM, MES and other manufacturing data, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to unlock untapped opportunities across the business.

That’s because ERP data doesn’t always tell the full story.

manufacturing system integration platform

Discover what you have been missing. Combine your ERP data with all other enterprise data to gain unprecedented insights into your business.


Get Complete Visibility and Control over Global Manufacturing Operations
prebuilt manufacturing data platform

Access and analyze data on-demand

manufacturing data intelligence platform

Gain real-time visibility into manufacturing operations - summary to transactional level

manufacturing performance monitoring platform

Stay on top of sales, inventory, manufacturing, profit margins, cash flow and more

manufacturing data preparation platform

Interactive dashboards - drill down to understand the ‘Why’ behind the ‘What’

manufacturing data aggregation platform

Explore any data – ERP Data, CRM Data, MES Data and all other Manufacturing Data

Take control of your manufacturing business like never before! Track, analyze and optimize your manufacturing operations in real-time using 100+ pre-built manufacturing specific KPIs and dashboards. Monitor sales performance, stay on top of customer problems, keep up with inventory levels, get alerts to production issues and more - all from a single platform.


Solution by Department

Self-Service Analytics for Everyone – From the Top Floor to the Shop Floor

manufacturing business dashboards

Executive Dashboards

See up to the minute business performance information on your phone, tablet or PC.

manufacturing inventory analytics


Gain instant visibility into procurement performance and identify savings and efficiency opportunities.

manufacturing inventory dashboards


Get a holistic view of your entire sales operations - from bookings and pipelines to shipments and individual rep performance.

manufacturing logistics dashboards


Maximize warehouse efficiency by tracking keymetrics such as perfect order percent, ontime delivery, inventory turns.

manufacturing business performance analytics

Customer Service

Stay up to date on delivery performance, order fulfillment, customer returns or any customer information you need to know.

manufacturing production analytics


Unlock hidden value in your logistics data to optimize cost, response time and delivery performance.

manufacturing engineering analytics


Track and optimize your production operations to maximize quality, efficiency, and output.

manufacturing quality analytics


Understand the factors driving revenue, cost, and profitability across products, business units, and locations.

manufacturing hr analytics


Optimize inventory levels across the value chain while consistently meeting customer needs and expectations.

manufacturing business dashboards


Proactively monitor and keep your engineering and manufacturing processes on track.

manufacturing business intelligence dashboards


Track and address quality issues across the entire production lifecycle before they become serious problems.

manufacturing business performance dashboards


Measure and analyze workforce performance to identify challenges and opportunities.



Solution by ERP
Harness the power of your ERP Data with true Self-Service Analytics
manufacturing data blending platform
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