Improve Warehouse Efficiency with Real-Time Inventory Visibility

  • What is your average picking time?

    Order picking is considered to be one of the most time and labour-intensive effort in the warehouse. Improve order picking efficiency with continuous visibility into your picking performance.

    • Track picking rates
    • Identify picking errors and bottlenecks
    • Uncover opportunities to optimize your picking process
  • What is your picking accuracy?

    Order picking accuracy has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Measure and monitor to maintain the right customer satisfaction levels.

    • Track order picking accuracy rates
    • Monitor accuracy levels for each employee
    • Identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and accuracy
  • How can you improve your fill rates?

    Timely access to your warehouse data can make a significant impact on your ability to ship accurately and on-time. Maximize your order fulfillment performance by gaining complete visibility into your:

    • Min-max levels
    • Reorder points
    • Demand planning
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