Accelerate Sales through Data Driven Insights

  • Are you on track to meet your sales targets for this month?

    Sales is all about achieving your numbers. Knowing where you stand is critical to ensuring you make your targets.

    • View and track sales
    • Analyze performance across region, products, customers, reps etc.
    • Discover trends, issues and opportunities to optimize performance
  • Who are your most profitable customers?

    It’s an old business adage that 80 percent of a company's revenue is generated by 20 percent of its customers. Identify your most profitable customers to focus your attention and resources more effectively.

    • Understand your customers and the products they are buying.
    • Examine net profitability contribution by each customer
    • Uncover opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell
  • How does each sales rep perform amongst his/her peers?

    Don’t be left guessing how your sales team is performing. Get real-time visibility into performance and help them stay focused.

    • Gain up-to-date visibility into pipeline status and progress against plan
    • Analyze your team’s performance at an individual level
    • Identify the top performers and those who need attention
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