Gain Better Control on Quality through Timely, Actionable Insights

  • Do you understand your scrap and rework issues?

    Issues such as scrap and rework impact deliveries and affect your bottom line. Identify and resolve quality issues before they become huge, expensive problems.

    • Continuously track key quality metrics such as scrap and yield
    • Identify scrap rates for each process-area or equipment and drill down to root cause
    • Get real-time alerts for quality issues found during production
  • What is your cost of Quality?

    Quality-related costs can range from 10 to 30 percent of sales or 25 to 40 percent of operating expenses. The greater the visibility into these costs, the more profitable you can be.

    • Measure cost of scrap by operation
    • Measure cost of scrap by product family
    • Measure cost of lost production time due to rework
  • Do you measure your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?

    OEE is considered to be the gold standard for measuring the overall efficiency of your manufacturing operations. Minimize quality related issues by continuously track your OEE percentages and ensuring that your machines are delivering quality output.

    • Track scrap and rework rates for all your equipment
    • Measure the cost of high scrap and rework rates
    • Identify potential causes and minimize losses
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