Get a Single Up-to-Date View of your Production Process

  • Are you on track to meet your production targets?

    When production is off target, you are in danger of missing delivery commitments. Get accurate, up-to-the-minute view of operations and stay on target for deliverables.

    • Monitor production volumes from anywhere, anytime
    • Proactively identify issues related to material, labor, capacity etc
    • Get immediate alerts to problems and exceptions
  • Are your production costs within budget?

    Controlling manufacturing costs is the key to keeping your manufacturing business competitive and profitable. View production cost information to ensure you stay within budgets.

    • Analyze target and actual costs at plant and product level
    • Drill down into cost by labor, material, overheads etc.
    • Be alerted to potential cost overruns
  • What is the number of pieces produced by each machine or cell or line per hour, per day, and per week?

    Your asset performance is key to meeting your production targets. Maximize equipment utilization with continuous visibility into machine performance.

    • Easily visualize pieces produced by each machine
    • Make use of historical trends and patterns
    • Get alerted about unplanned downtime
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