Maximize Savings and Minimize Supplier Risks

  • Which items represent your biggest purchases?

    Good spend management starts with clear spend visibility. Understand your spending trends and patterns to make better purchase decisions

    • Track spending trends across products and business units
    • Compare prices across your supplier base
    • Receive alerts when spends cross the threshold amount
  • Who are your best performing suppliers?

    Your suppliers have a direct impact on your business. Without analyzing their performance, you may be exposing yourself to risks and failures.

    • Get a 360 degree view of a supplier relationship
    • Analyze performance by key metrics such as lead time, quality, cost etc.
    • Get alerted to commitments that aren’t being met
  • What are the possible cost saving opportunities?

    Procurement operations have a direct impact on a company’s profitability. Uncover new savings opportunities with one view of all your pertinent data.

    • Compare freight rates for savings
    • Eliminate premium freight
    • Minimize the cost of poor quality
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