Reduce Freight Spends and Improve On-Time Delivery

  • Are your logistic carriers delivering on-time?

    When you are depending on carriers to deliver your orders, you need up-to-the-minute visibility into how they are performing. Failure to track performance can lead to missed delivery and unhappy customers.

    • Monitor shipment performance on a continuous basis
    • Detect risks in real time and take immediate action
    • Benchmark carriers and identify opportunities for efficiencies
  • What are your freight costs as percentage of sales?

    The key to optimizing logistics efficiency lies in achieving the right balance between performance and cost. Keep a lid on costs with up-to-data visibility into your freight spends.

    • Combine all your logistics data into one analysis
    • Keep a close monitor on premium freight
    • Compare mileage rates for various routes
  • Are damaged goods by your carriers a problem?

    Goods lost or damaged in-transit not only affect customer confidence but also impact profitability. Minimize in-transit damage losses by quickly identifying and addressing root causes.

    • Measure the cost of damaged goods
    • Compare performance across carriers
    • Uncover opportunities to streamline processes
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