Increase Returns on Inventory with Real-Time Visibility

  • What is your on-hand inventory and inventory in use?

    Poor visibility into inventory levels can lead to inefficiencies in procurement, scheduling, and delivery. Track your inventory levels in real-time and reduce minimize disruptions.

    • Get a unified view of inventory data from across multiple systems
    • Understand what materials you have on hand, where they are, and how they are being used
    • Identify stock-outs and excess inventory
  • What is slow-moving or obsolete?

    Slow-moving and obsolete inventory can eat away at your profits. Get timely insight to focus your investment on the most profitable products, eliminate waste, and improve margins.

    • Monitor inventory usage to identify slow-moving and obsolete inventory
    • Identify root cause and take corrective action
    • Track disposals and cash reserves
  • Do you have the right level of safety stock?

    Fluctuations in demand and inventory supply can lead to lost sales and customer dissatisfaction. Ensure that you have the right safety stock to guard yourself against uncertainties.

    • Monitor stock levels
    • Track turns
    • Anticipate and prevent stock-out situations
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