Streamline HR Operations and Improve Workforce Productivity

  • How much are you spending on recruitment?

    Hiring costs can take up a large portion of your HR budgets. Without knowing what you are spending, it can be difficult to keep a lid on costs

    • Track and understand the external and internal costs associated your hiring process
    • Identify where you are spending the most
    • Uncover opportunities to optimize costs and increase efficiency
  • Where are you getting your best candidates from?

    The first step to hiring the best talent is knowing where to find them. Leverage your recruitment data to determine your most efficient channels and streamline your sourcing strategies.

    • Track the number of candidates recruited via each recruitment channel
    • Identify your top and bottom performing recruitment channels
    • Identify opportunities to optimize your recruitment spends
  • How are your employees performing?

    Your employees are your most critical investment. Continuously measure and manage their performance to make the best use of your resources.

    • Get a single view of employee productivity trends across multiple departments
    • Identify you top performing or bottom performing employees
    • Uncover opportunities to improve productivity and performance
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