Optimize Cash Flows and Minimize Financial Risks

  • Are revenues in line with your goals?

    When you are in charge of monitoring the financial health of your business, you need constant visibility into the numbers that matter. Get the big picture at a glance and make informed decisions towards ensuring that your numbers are in line with your goals.

    • Get a consolidated view of financial as well as operational data from across the business
    • Analyze revenues, expenses and margins across products and business units
    • Identify areas of concern
  • What is your manufacturing cost per unit?

    Understanding how much it costs to make each unit of you product is the key to driving better profitability. If material, labor, or overhead costs are on the higher side, then action must be taken.

    • Analyze components of manufacturing costs – material, labor, production etc.
    • Measure costs across each department and product family.
    • Quickly identify opportunities to reduce costs
  • What is your cash to cash cycle time?

    Cash-to-cash cycles are tied to corporate profitability. The longer the cash cycle, the more time corporate funds are occupied in working capital.

    • Measure how quickly you are converting your inventory into cash
    • Track outstanding receivables
    • Identify opportunities to reduce cycle times
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