Understand your Business Performance At a Glance

  • How many new customers have you gained this month/quarter?

    Sales is often the driving force behind business success. Stay on top of the latest numbers, opportunities, and challenges to ensure that you are on track.

    • Track new sales
    • Analyze sales growth
    • Monitor sales margins
  • What is your margin by product line and customer?

    Understanding your margins is crucial to keep your profitability on track. Gain instant visibility into your margins, uncover hidden cost anomalies and take corrective action.

    • Track profit and operating margins on a continuous basis
    • Compare margins over time by customer, products etc.
    • Pinpoint areas of concern and initiate necessary action
  • Is your manufacturing able to keep up with demand?

    When your production is not in line with customer demand, you stand to lose customer confidence and market share. Close the gap between demand and production with up-to-date views of:

    • Demand planning
    • Capacity planning
    • Demand and operations planning
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