Keep your Engineering Processes On Track

  • What is your spend on engineering as percentage of sale?

    Cost over runs can have a significant impact on product profitability. Stay on top of your engineering costs by understanding spends across:

    • R&D
    • New products
    • Production methods
  • Are your bill of materials and routers accurate?

    Bill of materials is the building blocks for a complete and successful product. The more accurate the bill of materials, the more efficient is the development lifecycle.

    • Track material purchasing accuracy
    • Improve manufacturing accuracy
    • Uncover inventory inefficiencies
  • Is there a backlog in your engineering design change?

    Change orders are an inevitable part of the engineering lifecycle. But the longer it takes to implement these changes, the greater the delays in development.

    • Don’t be left guessing how your sales team is performing. Get real-time visibility into performance and help them stay focused.
    • Monitor change requests
    • Track engineering hours
    • Optimize capacity utilization
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