Improve Responsiveness to Customers to Increase your Profitability

  • Are you delivering your products and services to your customers on time?

    When customers are depending on you to deliver their order on a set date and time, any delays can impact your business good will and bottom line. Early visibility into delays is crucial to identify root cause and take corrective action.

    • Gain immediate insights into delivery status, future deliveries and past-due shipments
    • Identify root cause of late shipments and take corrective action
    • Get alerted to backorders and past due schedules


  • Is your order fulfillment rate 100% for the first shipment?

    Customers expect nothing less than complete shipments. Stay on top of your fulfillment operation to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    • Track fulfillment performance by customers, products, and regions
    • Understand backlog trends and identify products hard to deliver on time
    • Set warning thresholds and receive alerts before issues turn into problems
  • How many returns do you get each week and why?

    High product returns can have an adverse impact on customer confidence as well as business profitability. Reduce returns by tracking and resolving root cause.

    • Monitor which products customers are returning
    • Determine why products are being returned
    • Understand the impact of returns on your profitability
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