pipedrive manufacturing analytics

Increase repeat business with better customer satisfaction.

Improve customer satisfaction with cross functional dashboards. When customers are depending on you to deliver their order on a set date and time, any delays can impact your business good will and bottom line. Early visibility into delays is crucial to identify root cause and take corrective action.


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Improve order fulfillment and delivery performance to your customers

Eliminate customer returns. Delight your customers with immediate insights into delivery status. With Anvizent dashboards you have visibility to Delivery Performance and Order Fulfillment by customer, region and product family. You can easily see Returns and the impact to profits.


salesforce cpq

Get rid of past-due shipments with real time alerts before they’re past due.

When orders are past due you will get alerts reminding you to take action and with dashboards for each functional area of the business you will know where to focus to solve the problem.You will be able to understand backlog trends and identify products that are hard to deliver on time and you will receive alerts before issues turn into problems.


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