Analyze your manufacturing operations in real-time


“Maximize Shop floor Performance with Real-Time Visibility”

  • Anticipate demand and plan appropriately
  • Stay on top of yield, scrap, equipment utilization etc.
  • Proactively monitor and manage production performance
  • Improve responsiveness to changing production conditions


Shorten Sales Cycles and Increase Win Rates

  • Visualize your sales status from quote to order to shipment
  • Spot high and low performing products, regions and sales reps
  • Identify bottlenecks and take corrective action
  • Enhance collaboration among sales teams


Streamline Inventory Management and Improve Margins

  • Optimize inventory levels while avoiding excess or shortage conditions
  • Analyze historical inventory and demand to identify trends and patterns
  • Get notified when inventory falls below your desired thresholds
  • Share real-time inventory levels with suppliers


Optimize Procurement Spend and Reduce Supplier Risk

  • Get comprehensive visibility into your entire procurement operations
  • Identify and act on savings potential across products, business units, and suppliers
  • Stay on top of supplier performance and minimize supply risks
  • Get alerted to purchase price variance, stock outs etc.


Keep your Engineering Processes on the Right Track

  • Track R&D goals and cost
  • Measure accuracy of bill of material and router
  • Review drawing maintenance backlog
  • Review method sheets

Customer Service

Minimize Disruptions and Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Gain instant visibility across the entire customer life cycle
  • Stay up to date on key customer metrics
  • Pre-empt delays before they impact your delivery schedules
  • Identify customer demand patterns and ramp-up/scale-down production


Proactively Monitor and Measure Warehouse Performance

  • Stay on top of every detail from receipt of raw materials to shipping of finished goods
  • Monitor inventory turns
  • Improve fill rates
  • Monitor cubic capacity availability


Optimize Logistics Costs, Response Times and Delivery Performance

  • Track delivery schedules and shipment performance
  • Identify opportunities to reduce cost and improve efficiency
  • Control premium freight cost
  • Reduce damaged goods


Monitor Financial Performance at-a-Glance

  • Get up-to-the-minute snapshots of crucial financial and operational KPIs
  • Continuously track and analyze cost and revenues
  • Understand performance across every product, department and region
  • Improve accountability and control across the value chain

Executive Dashboards

Track your Business Performance in Real-Time

  • Get a holistic view of business performance at-a-glance
  • Instantly identify and act on areas that that need attention
  • Uncover trends, patterns and areas of improvement
  • Stay on top of your Key Performance Indicators with real-time alerts


Drive Sustainable Quality Improvements while Containing Costs

  • Get instant access to quality metrics
  • Detect and resolve production errors before they impact margins
  • Identify root causes and opportunities for optimization
  • Set up alerts to maintain consistent processes


Align Workforce Performance with Organizational Goals

  • Access all your employee metrics in one place
  • Track trends in hiring, compensation, employee productivity etc.
  • Minimize manual administrative efforts and improve efficiencies
  • Create a culture of accountability


“Can BI and analytics help me to hit my quota?”

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