The Most Comprehensive End-to-End Solution for Manufacturing Business Performance Management

Pre-Built Integrations

Explore all Your Data Instantly

No more waiting for hours or days to get access to the insights you need to run your business. Anvizent delivers out-of- the-box integration with most ERPs and manufacturing systems so you can quickly connect, combine and analyze data from all your business systems, right from Day One.

  • Pre-built data mapping across leading ERPs and other manufacturing systems
  • Get timely access to consistent and accurate data
  • Combine data from multiple systems for a unified view of the business
  • Accelerate time to decision while reducing burden on IT teams

MINI-Data Warehouse

Gain a Comprehensive, 360 Degree View of Your Enterprise

Don’t miss out on valuable insights because your data is distributed across multiple data sources and systems. Anvizent’s in-built MINI-Data Warehouse brings together data from all your systems without the burden of manual data preparation. ERP data, CRM data, MES data – it all seamlessly comes together in a centralized platform to provide you with a truly unified view of your business.

  • Consolidate data from disparate systems such as ERPs, CRMs and MES
  • Eliminate complex, time-consuming manual data preparation efforts
  • Analyze data from across multiple business units, geographies, currencies, etc. either independently or together
  • Analyze current and historical data to uncover future trends and patterns

True Self-Service Visualization

Make Faster and More Informed Decisions

Realize faster value from your data using interactive, self-service dashboards. Explore data from different angles, uncover trends, anticipate problems and take timely action to keep results on track. You’ll never have to spend hours analyzing reports again!

  • Create dashboards in just 3 clicks
  • Drill down and drill across dashboards to find the answers you need within minutes
  • Make clear connections between different aspects of your business
  • Stay informed at all times about the performance of your business

100+ Pre-Built Manufacturing Specific KPIs and Dashboards

Driver Business Performance

Take control of your business like never before. Get a comprehensive, 360 degree view of operations with all your data and KPIs at your fingertips. Track progress, spot trends, isolate issues, and drive Improvements anytime, anywhere.

  • Get instant visibility across various departments with all your key metrics in one place
  • Track and analyze progress against goals and objectives
  • Perform detailed, cross-functional analysis to uncover trends, patterns and dependencies
  • Reduce the time spent on gathering and analyzing reports

Alerts and Thresholds

Go From Reactive to Proactive

Don’t get caught off-guard by the unexpected. Proactively manage your business with real-time alerts. React instantly to events and changes in the businesses irrespective of whether you are connected to your system. Stay ahead of risks and never miss an opportunity.

  • Receive critical business information in real-time
  • Continuously monitor what’s important to the business
  • Minimize disruptions through proactive problem resolution
  • React faster to critical issues by notifying the right people


Work Together in New Ways

The best decisions are made when people and data come together seamlessly. Anvizent takes the power of collaboration to the next level through an in-built messenger on top of every dashboard. Initiate discussions with your colleagues, analyze data together, exchange ideas and collectively decide on the best course of action.

  • Accelerate the delivery of information to empower quick action
  • Communicate with context across designations and departments
  • Extend collaboration to customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Eliminate logistical hurdles while reducing the number of meetings and phone calls


Take Advantage of Real-Time

Having up-to- date information is critical to making the right business decision. Yesterday’s data isn’t good enough when business conditions are changing constantly. The Anvizent Scheduler incrementally refreshes data at set intervals to ensure that decision makers have access to the most current information. It can also be setup to send out alerts based on pre-defined events, series of events, or any particular KPI.

  • Make informed decisions based on real-time data
  • Identify and resolve issues early before they turn into problems.
  • Get notified on unscheduled events and incidents as they occur
  • Move from reactive to proactive management
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