Integrate all your Manufacturing data into one platform

  • In-Built Automated Data Warehouse
  • Pre-Built ERP Integrations
  • Go Live on Day One with Zero Implementation Cost

The Purpose Built Manufacturing Analytics Solution

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A Fully Integrated End-to- End Manufacturing Analytics Solution at the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Analytics Delivered as a Service - True Self-Service Dashboards – Ready-to-Use Manufacturing Dashboards – Zero CAPEX

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Anvizent is the most comprehensive analytics solution delivered at zero risk in time and money. Don’t get caught out by hidden costs such as hardware, integration, programming services, SQL querying, maintenance etc. Our all inclusive subscription pricing model saves you up to 65 percent in costs while delivering the fastest time to value.

All Your Data In One Platform

In-Built Mini-Data Warehouse

1000+ Ready-To-Use Dashboards

Real Time Alerts

50+ Integrations and many strategic partnerships, and still counting . . .

Solution by Department

Self-Service Analytics for Everyone – From the Top Floor to the Shop Floor

Executive Dashboards

See up to the minute business performance information on your phone, tablet or PC.


Get a holistic view of your entire sales operations - from bookings and pipelines to shipments and individual rep performance.

Customer Service

Stay up to date on delivery performance, order fulfillment, customer returns or any customer information you need to know.


Optimize inventory levels across the value chain while consistently meeting customer needs and expectations.


Track and optimize your production operations to maximize quality, efficiency, and output.


Track and address quality issues across the entire production lifecycle before they become serious problems.


Gain instant visibility into procurement performance and identify savings and efficiency opportunities.


Maximize warehouse efficiency by tracking keymetrics such as perfect order percent, ontime delivery, inventory turns.


Unlock hidden value in your logistics data to optimize cost, response time and delivery performance.


Proactively monitor and keep your engineering and manufacturing processes on track.


Understand the factors driving revenue, cost, and profitability across products, business units, and locations.


Measure and analyze workforce performance to identify challenges and opportunities.

Analytics Delivered As-A-Service
Get up and running right away with no capital expenditure and at a 65 percent lower cost of ownership than other solutions in the market.
Actionable Insights from All Your Data
Tap into the power of all your data using pre-built integrations across ERP, CRM, MES and other manufacturing systems. Leverage 1000+ pre-built manufacturing specific KPIs and dashboards to stay on top of your business at all times.
Faster Time-to-Insights
Skip the slow, difficult, and tedious process of manual data preparation. Get instant access to consistent, accurate and up-to-date data information with our in-built automated data warehouse.
Dashboards for Every Role
Whatever your role, we have custom dashboards that let you monitor and manage all your relevant KPIs in one place, allowing you to run your operations more smoothly on a daily basis.
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