data integration

Data Ingestion, Automated and Simplified

Integrate data from all your applications at 10x speed with complete reliability. Anvizent offers a guided interface that makes it easy for you to seamlessly connect to any source and set up the complete integration.

Integrate All Your Data into One Platform

Guided User Interface. No Coding

Effortlessly connect and extract data from all your data sources, including business applications, databases, spreadsheets, legacy formats, and 3rd party data sources. A few clicks are all it takes to connect to any data source with Anvizent’s guided interface. Choose what specific data elements to ingest, and watch as the built-in automation handles the rest.

Key Features

With its zero code, completely UI-driven architectureAnvizent makes data extraction and integration fast, easy, and hassle-free. 

Automated data extraction from any source of any size in any format with any method (Database / API/ File/FTP etc.) - Pick and choose what to import

Downloadable configurations for many ERPs and other enterprise software

Custom extractions/integrations and mappings using a guided interface

API/Database-based automated integration

Integration of master data across systems is configurable and automated, even for complex cases

Adding a new system into an existing data warehouse is very quick and easy

Data Extractor to support On-Prem data loads

CDC/Near Real time/ Realtime/Incremental

Automated incremental and full extract capabilities

Developing metrics across multiple data sources, multiple currencies, and multiple product hierarchies is configurable in hours and is automatically maintained

Inbuilt scheduler for automated data dependency management and data loads

Blog Posts

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Flexible Deployment Options

Choose a deployment option that’s best suited for your business’ needs. Robust security and data governance features ensure that your data is safe, secure, and always in your control


Achieve agility, flexibility, and scalability without the high cost of infrastructure and ongoing maintenance


Leverage your existing investments to enjoy greater customization and control over your data


Technical Benefits

Business Benefits

Integrate All Your Data into One Platform

Bring all your data and systems together – faster than everWhether its ERP systems, other enterprise applications, or databases, Anvizent lets you instantly connect, extract and consolidate data, without having to write a single line of code.

When we say integrations, we are not just talking about data connectors/establishing surface connections to data. It’s a full cycle that includes data mappings and business logic along with automated ETL and data warehouse processes. As a result, you have access to your consolidated data right out-of-the-box and can instantly start analyzing performance using powerful, interactive dashboards.

After integrating 50+ ERPs into our Data Warehouse, we have templatized and automated new ERP integration. As a result, you can now setup new integration in as little as one week.

data integration

Integrate Data from any ERP and any Enterprise System - No Coding

Get simplified integration to all your data sources Connect instantly to ERPs, CRMs, and all major Enterprise Applications and automate the entire flow of data.