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How real-time Business Dashboards are made possible with manufacturing analytics systems?

In the fast-paced manufacturing space, companies need to have a constant pulse on the performance of their manufacturing systems to ensure efficient performance and optimal use of resources. The pressure on the bottom-line has never been more intense and executives need to make time-critical decisions all the time to ensure profitability & competitiveness in the market. In this scenario, real time Business Dashboards provide the perfect tool to view, understand and evaluate key metrics and then make that decision to keep your business profitable.

The best real-time dashboards are those that can be personalized and drilled down after giving a holistic view of business KPIs. A well architected manufacturing analytics system provides the data mining backend and a sophisticated data warehouse for facilitating these flexible manufacturing dashboards.

A good manufacturing analytics system helps you quickly configure personalized, real-time business dashboard to meet your need for business insights and gives you the most accurate information to make business inferences. Your manufacturing business data can then be drilled down for your business processes, business units, geographical entities and personnel to create holistic manufacturing business performance views.

A robust manufacturing analytics system make real-time dashboards possible by:

  1. Creating a Data WareHouse to mine data from multiple sources and then preparing them into be ready for intelligent views. This is the most important step where almost all business analytics tools fail.
  2. Providing customs views of multiple data points based on business need & preference
  3. Allowing single-screen viewing of data and minimizing screen toggle
  4. Generating time/function delimited reports & analysis
  5. Integrating external data sources for competitor analysis
  6. Detect data patterns in graphs & charts and make it inference ready
  7. Taking a visualization approach which can easily to drill down your manufacturing data points to give insights into hidden dependencies.

So are you having these essential dashboarding capabilities and support systems for your Manufacturing Business?

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