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Automated Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics for Priority ERP

Struggling to get Timely and Actionable Insights from your Data?  Don’t have Real-Time, Self-Service Analytics?

Blame it on the manual reporting processes that eat away not only precious time and effort, but also valuable budget.  

The good news is that these can be issues of the past with Anvizent’s fully automated data analytics solution for Priority ERP.  Yes, you can now get instant insights from Priority ERP data and other enterprise data with zero programming effort. With its Patent-pending automated data warehousing technology, Anvizent   integrates your Priority data and other systems’ data into one platform and automatically turns it into personalized reports, interactive dashboards and predictive intelligence.

The benefits of Anvizent automated data analytics solution extends beyond basic operational reporting. Besides real-time, self-service  operational reports and dashboards, it facilitates cross-functional analysis, opening up better insights across operations. And it even lets you leverage the power of machine learning and AI to unlock precise, granular and actionable insights to address many of the challenges your business faces today.  

100+Pre-Built Dashboards for Every Role and Every Department

No more waiting around to get the reports and insights you need to make critical business decisions. Anvizent comes with 100+ pre-built dashboards that instantly tell you what’s going on and why. Stay on top of your performance by visualizing all the  KPIs that matter to you on real-time dashboards.  Instantly unlock answers to key questions such as 

  • Sales Orders and Shipment – What’s the status of our  overall sales and pipeline? Which reps are bringing in the most profitable business? How can we grow the value of existing accounts? What’s the status of customer orders ? Are there any orders that are likely to be delayed- and which ones are past-due? 
  • Procurement – Which materials are on order and how much quantity? When are our orders expected? How do each of our suppliers perform when it comes to quality time cost and payment terms? Where are the opportunities to cut costs?
  • Inventory –  How many units of inventory do we need to have on hand for each product, and geography? Are we overstocking some of the materials/finished goods? Which products are already stocked and have no Customer Orders? How much of Inventory is allocated to manufacturing?
  • Manufacturing – What should be our production priorities?Are our production plans yielding 100% of the required quantity? Which of the operations are resulting in more Scrap and Why? What are the jobs that are open? Which operations are causing the delay? 
  • Finance – How much money will we need to run the business? What are our short-term and long-term obligations? Who are our top revenue generating customers?What is the average number of days taken by each customer to pay? Are we paying our suppliers On Time? 

AI-Powered Ready-to-Use Solutions for Every Business Challenge 

What aspect of the business do you want to improve? Do you want to improve your sales numbers? Reduce  supply chain risk and costs? Or perhaps improve cash flow. No matter what your business goal or challenge, we have ready to use solutions that can get you there.  Combining data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) , provide precise, granular and actionable insights to  improve outcomes

To sum up, here are the highlights of Anvizent’s automated data analytics solution for Priority ERP”

  • Built-in automated data warehouse (Mini DW)
  • Pre-built integration Priority ERP and 50+ other ERP system – Partnership with Priority and Integration is approved by Priority Software
  • Ability to integrate/analyze Priority ERP data with other enterprise data
  • 100+ pre-built dashboards across various business functions such as sales, finance, inventory, procurement etc.  
  • True Self-service visualization – Build Ad Hoc dashboards in just 3 clicks
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered problem-solving dashboards
  • Support for Multi-Currency, Multi-ERP, Multi-Company analytics
  • Instant collaboration via built-in messenger on every dashboard
  • Proactive Alerts and Notifications – ‘Traffic Light’ Style Indicators on real-time data
  • Fastest  Deployment – Cloud and On-Premise 
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Not convinced yet? Check out Anvizent for yourself with a 14 day test drive using you own data :


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