Real-Time Analytics for Warehouse Management

Anvizent is the Purpose Built Manufacturing Analytics Solution. Manufacturing Systems Corp (MSC) provide advanced inventory and labor tracking, warehouse management, and shipping applications that help manufacturers and distributors track and optimize inventory movement and labor utilization in the warehouse and on the shop floor, provide better customer service and improve productivity.

The Anvizent and MSC partnership enables customers with a pre-developed Business Analytics solution on MSC COLLECT® and ERP data. The solution provides customers with a full suite of dashboards and KPIs that deliver a detailed, accurate and real-time view of warehouse performance.

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All Your Data at Your Fingertips
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Take control of your business like never before. Anvizent integrates MSC COLLECT®, ERP, Shop Floor, Financials, Legacy and other data into one platform to provide a single, unified view of the business. Visualize, blend, merge, slice and dice data to get the answers you need, when you need them. No more waiting for hours or days to get access to the insights you need to run your business.

Maximize Warehouse Utilization
Improve warehouse utilization by eliminating the inefficient use of warehouse space. Track the percentage of warehouse capacity currently being utilized at each warehouse facility, rightdown to the bin level. Make quick and accurate decisions on space allocations that improve utilization.
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Improve Inventory Control
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Stay on top of your inventory moves for an accurate, up-to- date view of inventory levels.Monitor and analyze the movement of inventory across facilities. Find opportunities in the moving process for each type of inventory that you handle.
Increase Order Picking Efficiency
Improve order picking efficiency with quick access to real-time picking data. Track picking rates across warehouses right down to the operator level. Drill down to identify bottlenecks and opportunities to reduce lead time.
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Optimize Put-Away Process
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Optimize the warehouse put-away process by gaining complete visibility into your put-away performance. Track the accuracy of put-aways across warehouses and individual employees.Discover where you can make improvements to the process.

Plug and play with data without burdening IT.

Combine MSC COLLECT® data with data from other systems such as ERPs, CRMs and MES for a single, unified view of the business.

Gets fast and easy access to actionable insights using self-service dashboards.

View and analyze all your key metrics in one place.

Stay on top of what’s happening across each operation.

Make quick and informed decisions based on consistent, accurate and up-to- date data.

Respond faster to issues and opportunities with proactive alerts.

Connect, share and collaborate with colleagues instantly.

And more..


Evaluate on your entire data

We will implement Anvizent overnight on your MSC COLLECT® Data at zero cost to you,
TEST DRIVE for 30days, Pay for it only if you like it.

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Connect load your current and History data

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Build co-relation among various business attributes with our automated Data Warehouse

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100+ fully functional manufacturing specific dashboards




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