Real-Time Analytics for Production Scheduling and Planning

Anvizent is the Purpose Built Manufacturing Analytics Solution. JobPack provides the best production management solutions to help customers maximize efficiency and minimize production time and costs through innovation and the re-use of data.

The Anvizent and JobPack partnership enables customers with a pre-developed Business Analytics solution on JobPack and ERP data. The solution provides customers with a full suite of dashboards and KPIs that deliver a detailed, accurate and real-time view of production performance.

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All Your Data at Your Fingertips
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Take control of your business like never before. Anvizent integrates JobPack, ERP, Shop Floor, Financials, Legacy and other data into one platform to provide a single, unified view of the business. Visualize, blend, merge, slice and dice data to get the answers you need, when you need them. No more waiting for hours or days to get access to the insights you need to run your business.

Monitor Work Order Status
Improve on-time delivery with instant visibility into the status of your work orders. Track work orders planned, work orders released, the number of pieces manufactured for each work order, the location of work orders on the shop floor and much more. Stay on top of each work order and make smart decisions about issues as they happen.
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Improve Schedule Attainment
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Get complete control over your production schedules. Track actual vs. planned production with detailed views of performance across departments, parts, work orders, and individual machines. Spot trends,uncover issues and take proactive action to ensure that you have the resources in place to meet delivery commitments.
Reduce Scrap and Rework
Reduce scrap rates through better visibility into your production process. Monitor and analyze scrap rates for each product, drilling down into performance across parts, machine, operations and operators to identify inefficiencies. Get immediate alerts to issues and avoid disruptions to your delivery schedules.
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Maximize Yield
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Maximize production yield with early detection of issues. Proactively monitor yield percentages in production lines down to each department, machine, part number, job operation and operator. Drilldown to root causes and take timely action to improve production efficiency.

Plug and play with your JobPack data without burdening IT.

Combine JobPack data with data from other systems such as ERPs, CRMs and MES for a single, n unified view of the business.

Gets fast and easy access to actionable insights using self-service dashboards.

View and analyze key metrics from across the business in one place.

Stay on top of what’s happening across each department - from customer orders and inventory levels to production and shipment of finished goods.

Make quick, informed decisions based on consistent, accurate and up-to- date data.

Respond faster to issues and opportunities with proactive alerts.

Connect and collaborate instantly with colleagues instantly through a built-in messenger on every dashboard.

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