Automated Data Analytics for Exact ERP

The fastest, simplest, and most cost-effective way to unlock the power of your Exact ERP Data and other enterprise data

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Get Real-Time, Self-Service Insights with Zero Programming

Simplify and accelerate insights from your Exact ERP data using Anvizent’s fully integrated, automated end-to-end analytics solution. Built on patent pending automated data warehousing technology, Anvizent brings real-time, self-service analytics/insights to everyone's fingertips, enabling them to continually improve decisions and performance.

The Anvizent solution for Exact integrates Exact ERP data, and other enterprise data into one platform, providing a comprehensive and unified view of the business. Get up-to-the-minute visibility into performance using 100+ pre-built dashboards across Marketing, Sales Orders, Finance, Banking, Projects, Manufacturing, Inventory, Purchases, and other key functions. Keep track all your operations, spot hidden trends and patterns, uncover issues and take immediate action to keep performance on the track.

Revolutionizing Exact ERP Analytics

Anvizent is the fastest, simplest, and most cost-effective solution to unlock the power of your Exact ERP and other enterprise data. We have automated and simplified the entire data management and analytics process so you can rapidly explore data, uncover insights, and make smart, data-driven decisions.

Pre-Integrated and Ready-to-Use

Automated Data Preparation

Built-In Automated Data Warehouse

True Self-Service Analytics

100+ Pre-Built Dashboards

Proactive Alerts based on Real-Time Data

Fastest Deployment

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

100+ Pre-Built Dashboards for Every Role and Every Department

Get unprecedented visibility and real-time control of your entire operations. Track all your KPIs on-demand, get alerts to issues and collaborate instantly with colleagues to keep your operations running at their peak.

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Are you on track to meet your sales targets for this month?

Sales is all about achieving your numbers. Knowing where you stand is critical to ensuring you make your targets. View and track sales in real-time. Analyze performance across region, products, customers, reps etc. Discover trends, issues, and opportunities to optimize performance.

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Are you delivering your products and services to customers on time?

When customers are depending on you to deliver their order on a set date and time, any delays can impact your business goodwill and bottom line. Early visibility into delays is crucial to identify root cause and take corrective action. Gain immediate insights into delivery status, future deliveries, and past-due shipments. Identify root cause of late shipments and take corrective action. Get alerted to backorders and past due schedules.

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Which suppliers are putting your production plans at risk?

Your suppliers have a direct impact on your delivery times. Minimize risks and failures with a comprehensive 360-degree view of each supplier relationship. Track performance by key metrics such as lead time, quality, and cost, get notified when commitments aren’t being met and take action to avoid disruptions.

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What is your margin by product, order, and customer?

Understanding your margins is crucial to keep your business competitive and profitable. Track profit and operating margins on a continuous basis across each product, order, and customer. Analyze components of manufacturing costs such as material, labor, and production to quickly identify opportunities to reduce costs.